Sri Lanka: The project for improvement of meteorological and disaster information network for Sri Lanka – Automatic Weather Station (AWS) project

13 Jul 2009

Original Article: Link

REPORT from Government of Sri Lanka

The existing meteorological observation maintained by the Department of Meteorology consists of manually operated meteorological instruments. The communication system connecting these network sites to the National Meteorological Centre (NMC) in Colombo too is far from adequate and hence the availability of real time information at the NMC particularly during the bad weather periods is unsatisfactory resulting in difficulties with weather forecasting. Due to these reason, Department of Meteorology considers that improvement of its meteorological network is of vital national importance.

Department of Meteorology through the Department of External Resources, submitted a grant aid proposal to Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) title “A comprehensive disaster early warning system in Sri Lanka” of which the improvement of meteorological network in Sri Lanka is a major component. With this project it is planned to upgrade existing 20 meteorological stations to Automatic Weather Station (AWS) status with real time communication facilities. In addition, it is also planned to install 18 new AWS with real time communications at locations crucial weather forecasting.

Department has conducted a number of training programmes. Training programme on AWS soft component (theory part) was conducted by Japanese lecturers. The programme was designed for all the officers in the department (Meteorologists, Electronic engineers, Meteorological Observers, Technical officers, Communication officers) and for the officers in NBRO, Irrigation Department, and DMC.

Training programme on AWS hardware component for observers was conducted by Marubenei/Meizei. Instructors had visited all the outstations, with translators and had explained about the sensors and maintenance of the instruments.

Now the project is almost completed, and hand over of the project will be held at the Department of Meteorology on 13th July 2009.


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