7th Monsoon Forum – Sri Lanka

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1.1 Background
The Monsoon Forum, a platform for enhanced application of forecast application, provides opportunity for regular dialogue between Sri Lanka’s Department of Meteorology (DOM) and its
stakeholder institutions to promote a) enhanced understanding, by forecast user institutions, of forecast products including their limitations and uncertainties; and b) better appreciation, by
DMH, of users’ information requirements. The process facilitates a cycle of refinement of forecast products to suit users’ needs and development of more robust information sharing system,
redounding to better application of forecasts.

Built on the monsoon, a regular phenomena in the country, the Monsoon Forum has taken a multi-hazard approach by May 2012, integrating issues on forecasts/warning information and
other concerns regarding geological hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis.

The 7th Monsoon Forum is organized by DOM with support from the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) and the Regional Integrated MultiHazard Early Warning System (RIMES) through the project “Reducing risks of tsunamis, storm surges, large waves, and other natural hazards in low elevation coastal zones”.

1.2 Objectives
The 7th Monsoon Forum, convened on 30 April 2013 at DOM Auditorium, Colombo, Sri Lanka, was with the following objectives:

a) review the 2012-2013 Northeast Monsoon in terms of patterns of climate and performance of the seasonal climate
b) draw feedback from user institutions on the relevance/usability of the seasonal forecast for the Northeast Monsoon and recommendations for enhancement of forecast products
c) present the seasonal forecast for the Southwest Monsoon
d) present sectoral potential impacts outlook and response options for possible application by stakeholders
e) present/discuss recent issues/concerns/developments in earthquake monitoring and tsunami early warning and response

Read full report: 7th Monsoon Forum – Sri Lanka 2013


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