Annual Performance Report 2013 Department of Meteorology

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1. Introduction

1.2 Background
Meteorological observations were started in 1867 under the Department of Survey and in the year 1909 it was reestablished in the present premises as the Colombo observatory and thereafter converted into a separate independent department in 1948

1.3 Functions
The following major functions are accomplished by the department as the government statutory body for providing Meteorology and climatology related services.

1. Maintenance of Climatological data systems
2. Provision of data/ information to the public, various institutions, and to world weather observation networks
3. Provision of aero meteorological information for aviation services
4. Dissemination of early warning and instructions on Tsunami and other unfavorable weather conditions
5. Raising awareness of the Public on the subject field and provision of instructions and equipment where necessary
6. Conducting research related to the field and provision of scientific services to the researchers
7. Provision of limited services related to astronomy and geo magnetism

The meteorological department which is a member of the world meteorological Organization provides all the above services in conformity with the WMO and ICAO standards.

1.3 Institutional Structure
The Department is administered by a Director General and consists of 05 major divisions which are administered by 05 directors with 11sub divisions affiliated to it.

In addition to the headquarters, 22 regional meteorological centers, 36 automated meteorological observation centers, 35 agro meteorological centers and 400 rain gauge centers are conducted by the Department for the purpose of obtaining data.

Read full report: Performance Report Department of Meteorology 2013


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