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1. Introduction

1.1 Background
Systematic observation of meteorological parameters in Sri Lanka has started in 1867 under the Survey Department and was later continued by the Colombo Observatory after 1909. The Colombo Observatory became an independent government department – Department of Meteorology in 1948 with the main objective of providing weather and climate services. At present, the Department of Meteorology functions under the purview of the Ministry of Disaster Management.

1.2 Functions
The following major functions are accomplished by the department as the government statutory body providing meteorological and climatological services.

1. Observing weather elements in conformity with international standards
2. Provision of weather and climatological services as the national authority
3. Provision of early warning information/advisories on bad weather and tsunami
4. Provision of meteorological services to national and international aviation
5. Maintaining climatological databases
6. Encouraging study and research in Meteorology and allied subjects
7. Organizing and contributing to public awareness programs
8. Provision of limited astronomical and terrestrial magnetism related services.

1.3 Institutional Structure
The Department is administered by a Director General and consists of 05 major divisions which are administered by 05 Directors with 16 affiliated sub divisions.

In addition to the headquarters, 22 regional meteorological stations, 36 automated meteorological observation stations, 35 agro meteorological stations and approximately 400 rain gauge stations are maintained by the department.

Read full report: performance-report Department of Meteorology 2014


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