President Sirisena pledges to take strict action against environmental destruction

Thursday, June 02, 2016

By Tharushan Fernando


President Maithripala Sirisena while addressing an event held in Polonnaruwa today, stated that if any environmental harm is reported in a certain area, strict action will be taken against the responsible government official in the area.

The event was held at the Sevamuktha Kandavura Maha Vidyalaya in Polonnaruwa this morning to declare the National Environment Week, parallel to World Environment Day which falls on the 5th of June.

President Sirisena planted a Na sapling at the school premises to mark the Tree Planting Programe implemented in line with the National Environment Week. Gold medals were awarded for the Environmental Pioneer Brigade in the Dimbulagala area under the auspices of the President.

The President in his address pointed out that the Kelani River basin in the Colombo District lies completely destroyed today and around 150 meters on either side of the banks of the Kelani River are full of constructions and all reserves which belong to this river are destroyed.

He further added that buildings have been constructed over the canals, drains and waterways in Colombo and especially Kolonnawa and it is the politicians, state officials and everyone of their respective eras who should be held responsible for this and if any unauthorized buildings or environmental pollution happens in a way which damages the canal and river preservation in any area, strict action will be taken against the responsible government officials in these areas.

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